When I saw Dr. Peter Evans' disciplinary actions on the Board of Health Professionals website, I contacted Anne Ferreira, a DAMS Coordinator in Williamsburg, who contacted the local newspapers. She wanted the public to know dentists in Virginia were being persecuted for being mercury free and trying to advertise about it.

The Board of Health Professionals oversees dentists and other health professions in Virginia. The Dental Board is part of this organization.

I am not posting this to embarass Dr. Evans in any way. He didn't do anything morally wrong. He was just trying to tell the public he was mercury free and used materials that were biocompatible on his web site. This was his quote, "Learn about our practice's natural philosophy, mercury free and biocompatible services." Biocompatibility means he tries to use materials that the patient won't be allergic to.

In his newspaper ad, for which he was disciplined, he wanted to say he practiced natural dentistry, a form of dentistry that did not destroy the tooth structure. Much of the tooth structure is drilled away while placing amalgams.

I am hoping that you, as the public, will get as mad as I am because you DID NOT KNOW these fillings are mercury, and that if dentists were allowed to advertise they were "natural, mercury free, biological, or they removed fillings using safe protocols," then the word would get out to the public that there are differnt kinds of dentists out there--one kind that poisons, and another kind that tries to protect his patients from mercury and tries to protect him from vapor while removing the old fillings.