King James Medical Laboratory

Can Mercury-Silver Fillings Cause Disease?

This report from the King James Medical Laboratory talks about the dangers of mercury dental fillings, the use of DMSA as a chelator and using DMSA in a provacative urine mercury test.

DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome, does not recommend using DMSA with mercury fillings still in the mouth. I did not seem to have an adverse reaction using 500 mg of DMSA to test for mercury. However, using DMSA as a chelator on a mercury detoxification program with mercury still in my teeth, caused severe symptoms.

You can always test for mercury and other heavy metals using DMSA after you have your fillings safely removed. Use caution.

A provocative urine test also known as a challenge test, means an agent such as DMSA is used to cause the mercury to come out of cells into the urine or hair.

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