Carol Ward's Report from the Meeting with Kiddie Kollege Parents

December 11, 2006

Here is a report of the meeting yesterday with Kiddie Kollege. Freya and I were late because we had difficulty locating the town of Franklinville, N.J. where the meeting was held. We also had unfortunately forgotten our cameras.

Vanessa, one of the teachers of the Kiddie Kollege was there, along with the businessman who contacted Marie Flowers, and about 20 parents attended. Only one brought her child.

Deborah Bowman-Ehelele, chief of staff of Senator Fred H. Madden was there also. John Lilley from the town of Franklinville was there to ask about his severe mercury toxic condition- the land around his home is contaminated by mercury. His arms and legs are so numb that one day when he accidentally burned his hand working on a car motor, he couldn't feel it.  He has lost 100 lbs. in one year without wanting to.

Three local newspaper reporters were in attendance but although the major networks were invited, they didn't appear. Nor did any reporters from major papers.

Others were speaking at the meeting when we arrived. Freya and I alternated giving a brief synopsis of our case histories. Then we spoke of the need for good nutrition for these children. Freya emphasized that there is hope for the children's symptoms - that she recovered largely from her problems. She exhibited the sign with her face before and after mercury filling removal and detox.

Left: Freya Koss after a dentist placed a filling made of liquid metallic mercury and other alloys.

Right: Freya after having her fillings removed and detoxing. Freya said in her
speech before the FDA, "It took three years for my eyelids to lift and other functions to return."

We listened to questions from the parents and handed out our information. I had made up a fairly sizable packet. I pointed out that EDTA chelation may be a specific for lead but not mercury. My packet contained names of holistic doctors and practitioners in the general Phila-New Jersey area.

Our presentations were tailored to the concerns and needs of the parents.. but  we emphasized that mercury is mercury no matter where and how it occurs- in fillings or via body contamination.

One mother came up to me afterward and told me what she had been going through with her two boys, the oldest is 7 and the one is younger. She had briefly breast fed the older one. The oldest one is doing pretty well in school but has difficulty concentrating. He has some bowel problems (looseness of stools). He has had quite a bit of trouble with a great amount of anger. The younger child has had fewer problems except with anger, though to a lesser degree than the older one.

The parents brought out the fact that they are working people or they would not have had to have their children in day care. They do not appear to be oriented toward going to health food stores and using alternative doctors.

They appeared to be enormously grateful that we came out to share our information with them. Finally someone had some concrete suggestions for them to get them off dead center.

Some of the children are having symptoms of Bell's Palsy wherein their eyelids or eyebrows droop.

Carol Ward

Vice President, DAMS

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