December 1, 2003


To Whom It May Concern:


I have been asked to write a letter addressing the issue of dental amalgam mercury fillings. I truly have a unique perspective based both in real science and anecdotal evidence because I am a dentist who has performed a high level of international based research about the amalgam mercury fillings and I am a biologic dentist who removes amalgams from patients who visit my office from around the country. These patients want their amalgams removed to eliminate the source of mercury in various organs and tissues. I also am able to evaluate these patients in a more controlled environment with tests before and after amalgam removal as well as accumulated subjective date on these patients (e.g. symptoms survey).


The mounting evidence about the toxicity of mercury amalgams comes from within the U.S. (chair side, laboratories) as well as from several leading researchers throughout the world.As you probably know 50% of the amalgam is mercury since it is the glue holding the amalgam together. It is definitely known to continually escape from these fillings and we know that this escaping mercury accumulates in the tissue throughout the body especially brain, kidneys and liver. The toxic molecular interactions with cells and enzymes has also been clearly demonstrated and linked to their dysfunction, degeneration and death. Mercury has also been clearly shown to cross the placenta and deposit into a developing fetus as well as through motherís milk in nursing infants.


Although there exists a number of sources of mercury (fish, vaccinations, several body products e.g. contact lens solution) the CDC in Atlanta has conclusively said the largest source of mercury comes from mercury fillings. Because mercury is the second most toxic material on earth, mercury in the amalgam fillings is clearly a huge and far reaching problem yet which is denied by the American Dental Associations and individual State Dental Boards.Not only do these organizations deny the true problem that exists with amalgams but they threaten dentists with loss of license for attempting to bring the information about the toxic nature of amalgams to the public.


As a dentist who removes amalgams in a controlled environment from people who are monitored before, during and afterward for several health parameters and symptoms I have a unique perspective of the damage caused by mercury amalgams while in the mouth. I see people every week who not only report dramatic improvement of many symptoms but obvious improvement in health parameters as seen in several tests. Combine that perspective with the health changes people experience as they specifically detoxify heavy metal and mercury as seen on urinary excretion tests and it leaves little to the imagination that mercury is an incredible health challenge.


Compare this with the arguments used by the organizations and groups advocating continued used of amalgam which are that amalgam has been used for 175 years with no obvious health problems (no research is done to demonstrate that it is safe) and it is clear to see that these groups are motivated by issues such as money, legal repercussions and momentum rather than pure science and the health of our citizens. It becomes even more of a problem when threats are made against dentists who attempt to bring this information to the public.


When it is clinically obvious that mercury is directly or indirectly involved in many of the chronic illnesses which trouble humans, infants to geriatrics, when many countries and organizations are banning or condemning the continued use of mercury or condemning the continued use of mercury filled amalgams and when the greatest source of mercury in our bodies is from these amalgams it is unjustifiable to allow continued suppression of this information so people can freely choose the use of amalgams or the alternatives in their mouths or the mouths of their families.


I will continue to be a strong advocate of mercury detoxification because of what I see are the immense benefits to mankind every day. Unfortunately, I must be vigilant that I donít have my license taken away. Consequently, I am submitting this letteranonymously.I hope you will begin legislative action that really helps the citizens of Virginia and if you havenít done so give yourself the benefit of removing your amalgams by a dentist who really knows how to do it correctly. You will be amazed at the results.





A very concerned dentist