Biological Dentists are Cautious
in Advertising About Mercury Fillings

November 2006

The following is a copy of a newsletter from a biological dentist's office who is very much against the use of mercury in dental fillings. He belongs to the IAOMT and KNOWS the health effects of dental mercury.

But in his newsletter he doesn't come right out and state mercury dental fillings cause neurological diseases and many health problems. He says mercury in high doses can cause brain damage, but says about mercury from dental amalgam, "What we don't know is the cumulative effect of very low doses on your body over a long period of time." He DOES KNOW about the cumulative effects because it is in the literature and the research of the IAOMT.

The dentist does write that low levels of mercury vapor are released over time. He does this because the American Dental Association has finally admitted it. They had to when Jermome meters could actually measure the amount of mercury vapor being released from fillings. The problem with the ADA however, is now that they are finally admitting that vapors are being released, they just cover up the vapor's dangers by saying that there is not enough released too cause any problems other than "allergic" reactions. The ADA deliberately uses the word "allergic" to minimize in patients' minds the dangers of a known neurotoxin.

The dentist's newsletter states, "For most of us, the amount of mercury released from fillings is our major source of exposure to mercury, together with mercury in the atmosphere from pollution."

He KNOWS that according to the World Health Organization report, dental mercury is the LARGEST exposure of most people to mercury, IF they have mercury fillings in their mouths.

Source Average Human Daily Dose of Mercury
Dental Amalgam 3.0 - 17.0 ug/day (hg vapor)
Fish and Seafood 2.3 ug/day (methylmercury)
Other Food 0.3 ug/day (inorganic hg)
Air & Water Negligible traces

NOTE: ug=mcg or micrograms

(World Health Organization, Environmental Health Criteria 118: Inorganic Mercury, Geneva, 1991.)

Why is this dentist not speaking out strongly against dental mercury the way I do on this web site, or Congresswoman Diane Watson does in her press releases?

June 2006 press release
April 2006 press release
March 2006 press release.
November 2005 press release

Because he is gagged in his state and if he speaks out too much about mercury fillings he could be brought before his dental board.

This is not a criticism of this dentist. He is trying to inform the public about dental mercury without being disciplined by his dental board.

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