Dental Mercury Was Exposed at the College of
William and Mary's International Mercury Expo

On Earth Day in 2009, Linda Cifelli and I had a mercury information booth at the College of William and Mary. We shared mercury information with a several students. One student was studying to have a job in the Department of Health and another student told us they were experimenting with mercury and it was doing "strange" things to animals.

I received a Google alert in 2009 showing that Dr Vera Stejskal, a toxicologist from Sweden and inventor of the MELISA test had spoken at the College of William and Mary as part of their Mercury Expo. I could not believe that this world known speaker on metal allergies had spoken in Linda Cifelli's back door, since she is a resident of Williamsburg, Virginia, and she had known nothing about it.

So Linda went to the college to find out about their expo and to tell them we have been involved with dental mercury for years. Adam Stackhouse, a grad student and Executive Producer of the International Mercury Expo asked us to submit names of those people we knew who could participate in the Mercury Expo that took place on April 22-25, 2010.

We were thrilled to know the College was brave enough to explore the use of dental amalgam and its effects on human health as part of their exploration of the different sources of mercury.

On March 2nd Adam Stackhouse invited Linda Cifelli and me to join him on his Green and Gold radio show from the College of William and Mary. We talked about dental mercury and DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions for 90 minutes.

On Thursday and Friday 600 5th and 6th grade students from Williamsburg schools took a field trip to the Mercury Expo to learn about the different sources of mercury. Linda Cifelli and I dressed up like dentists and acted out a skit in front of the students as they appeared in small groups. I was Dr. Marie, the old fashioned dentist who still used mercury, while Dr. Linda was the holistic dentist who had it all together. You can see photos of our skit, along with explantions of what we told the children on my Facebook page.
Facebook pictures of Children's Skit on Dental Mercury Linda and I battered back and forth about whether mercury was safe or not and I always spouted the ridiculous arguments of the American Dental Association. [Be sure to click through to see all the photos.]

On Saturday and Sunday, those in our group made presentations about dental mercury.

These are the people participating in our dental amalgam group:

On the dental panel on Saturday morning April 24th. Listen to a short interview on the dental panel

Andrea Brockman, DDS from Philadelphia. She was on the 9 AM dental panel on Saturday discussing and debating the politics and history of the amalgam filling. She debated an Assistant Professor from the dental school in Richmond and others on a 4 person panel. Dr. Brockman testified at the FDA hearings in 2006 on dental amalgam.

Peter Evans, DDS, biological dentist from Williamsburg, a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, discussed the safe way to remove mercury fillings.

On Sunday Carol Ward, Vice President of DAMS, Linda Cifelli and I talked about our experiences with DAMS and our poisoning. Linda discussed a bill that was before Congress to warn, ban and try to legislate informed consent laws concerning amalgam dental fillings. [None of the mercury bills every left the committee since committee members receive large donations from the American Dental Association's PAC (Political Action Committee). I have seen these contributions online.]

Carol Ward, a former librarian from Philadelphia is Vice President of DAMS. She told how her story the pro ADA movement in Philadelphia tried to force poor disabled children to accept mercury fillings or receive no dental care at all. The Philadelphia dentists belonging to the Pennsylvania Dental Association put pressure on the mothers who refused mercury fillings for their children and told them they could not even have their children's teeth cleaned if the children are receiving free dental care from public agencies! Carol also talked about the history of DAMS and the FDA decision issued July 2009 saying amalgam fillings were safe.

Carol Ward had an interview with Adam Stackhouse on April 13th on the College of William and Mary's radio show Green and Gold. Carol's interview

Linda Cifelli, a DAMS coordinator from Williamsburg discussed the different bills Congresswoman Diane Watson and Congressman Dan Burton have tried to pass to ban mercury fillings.

Marie Flowers, DAMS Coordinator from the Roanoke/Bedford County area of Virginia. I told my story and shared how others can avoid becoming poisoned. I encouraged people to "fire" their dentists, if he was not a safe dentist! Don't fall in love with a dentist who is poisoning you!

Dr. Alan Greenburg, a retired neurologist from Maryland discussed testing and detoxification. Dr. Greenburg was poisoned himself from dental fillings and the medical board came down on him when he started testing his patients for heavy metals and doing detoxification on them. His website is Science

James Turner, an attorney with the law firm of Swankin and Turner in Washington, DC spoke on "Mercury Free Dentistry: Law Policy and the Freedom of Choice." Mr. Turner has been involved in this issue for many years.

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