Carol Ward and Freya Koss Seek
to Help Poisoned Children from Kiddie Kollege Day Care

Updated December 18, 2006
Updated October 27, 2007

On Sunday December 10, 2006 Carol Ward of
Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (DAMS) and Freya Koss of the PA Coalition for Mercury-Free Dentistry joined a local business man at the Franklin Township Library in New Jersey. They were there to meet with parents of mercury poisoned children and to let parents know there is help, if you know where to look.

When the businessman called me the first part of December, he was very concerned that these children would fall through the cracks and not get the proper health care and testing. I referred him to Freya Koss and Carol Ward since they live in the Philadelphia area which is close to Franklin Township in New Jersey.

Franklin Township Library
1584 Coles Mill Road
Franklinville, NJ 08322

Franklin Township Library, where about 20 parents of mercury poisoned children attended a meeting to find information to help their children. Also in attendance was Deborah Bowman-Ehelele, Chief of Staff of Senator Fred H. Madden.

Kiddie Kollege Day Care Center in Franklinville, NJ, was housed in the building of a former mercury thermometer factory, Accutherm, Inc. The factory went bankrupt and the owner, Philip J. Giuliano, left town and fled back to Williamsburg, Virginia without cleaning up the toxic mess. It was put on a list of toxic sites in NJ and then removed from the list without officials seeing it to it that it was cleaned up first. So these children, some as young as eight months, played, ate and slept for up to 10 hours a day in a toxic waste dump of mercury.

The Associated Press reported on August 6, 2006, "According to Bill Wolfe, a former Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) staffer who is director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a watchdog group, the only way for a site to be removed from the list is for the DEP to take it off."

The Pennsylvania Inquirer reported, "Even after state environmental officials saw that Kiddie Kollege had opened despite their warnings to the township, they did nothing for more than three months as children as young as 8 months continued to play where mercury vapors registered more than 27 times acceptable limits." The DEP is accusing the Franklin Township of not listening to their warnings not to issue a permit for a day care center. Franklin Township said the DEP is lying about this--they were never told not to issue a permit.

Though news reports are referring to 60 children being tested, the businessman told me that 200 plus children could be affected. He said government agencies were only testing the children that had been enrolled between January 1, 2006 and up to July 2006 when they shut the doors on the Kiddie Kollege. He said the school opened up in January 2004, so none of these children from January 2004 up to January 2006 had been tested at all. The Department of Health said there was no use testing these children because by this time all the mercury would have left these children's bodies.

What misinformation! What a miscarriage of justice! I was poisoned from exposure to mercury vapor in 2001 and am still not rid of all the mercury and I have been actively detoxifying for at least 3 1/2 years. These children could be suffering from a varied collection of symptoms and diseases and the parents and mainstream doctors treating them have no idea what is going on.

As of October 2007, there are several documents on the web showing lawsuits, and a report from the New Jersey Department of Health about who they tested, how far back they tested, how they tested and the results of the test. Just as I thought, they used no chelators to pull mercury into the urine, so some may have fallen below their 5 micrograms mercury per gram of creatinine as the cut off point below which mercury would be presumed to be safe. Even using a chelator does not always guarantee that the test is accurate. See below for more information from Dr. Boyd Haley about testing.

They did several tests on these children and adults, and the later tests showed that subsequent levels were decreasing in the urine, some below the cut off level of 5 micrograms of mercury per gram of creatine. If the level was below 5, the New Jersey Health Department claimed they had nothing to worry about and the child had excreted the mercury through the urine. They went back and checked other children that attended previously and stated they had no high mercury levels. See the New Jersey Health Department Report below.

However, those in the alternative health community do not believe that all the kids have excreted the mercury. It just means the mercury is no longer in their urine. It could be hiding out in the cells of their bodies, especially the fat cells like the brain.

More about the Exposure to the Neighbors
The businessman told me that neighbors had seen factory workers dumping mercury out behind the thermometer factory. This would seep into the ground near the basement foundation. The children's blankets, sleeping mats and toys were stored in the basement soaking up the mercury fumes. Then day care workers would go into the basement to bring up the mats and blankets to the first floor so children could take their naps. The day care workers were getting more exposure than the children because they went into the basement. However, the children had less body weight than the workers so it would still affect them very badly. Can you imagine those small children sleeping on a mat and cuddled up to a stuffed animal and breathing the mercury laden blankets around their little faces?

The amount of mercury on the first floor was 25 to 28 times the government "safe" level. The amount of vapor in the basement was 180 times higher than the government "safe" levels according to news reports.

The mercury was also affecting neighbors. It was reported that Mr. John Lilley who lives next door was so numb he didn't even feel it when he burned himself while working on his car. The businessman said his two teenagers are also poisoned and Mr. Lilley fears the mercury may have contaminated his water supply. If there is any hope for Mr. Lilley and his family, he MUST immediately leave his house. If he stays there with his family, they could all die. You must avoid your source of exposure to all mercury to start recovering. At some point, people who are poisoned are no longer able to reason because it affects them mentally.

If people are waiting around for a lawsuit to come through, or for govenment aide to come through before getting medical help, they may be waiting a long time. But by the time help arrives, it may be too late. Dr. Rebecca Painter, a physician from Gillette, WY, testified in recent FDA hearings on dental mercury that some patients just wait too late and she can't help them. They die.

Who knows when or if the goverment will do something to actually help their health? It took government agencies three months to shut down the day care, even after finding out it was highly toxic.

Kittie Kollege Day Care was located at 162 Station Avenue, Franklinville, NJ in the old Accutherm, Inc. building.

Connie Davis, the mother of one child explained that mercury poisoning has sent her daughter Alexis' health into a steep decline. "Alexis went to Kiddie Kollege for two years. Over those two years her health really deteriorated," she said. "They didn't know what was wrong with her." As she spoke, Davis presented class pictures of her daughter, taken while she was enrolled at Kiddie Kollege. The three pictures taken over the course of two years show the slow paralysis of Alexis' face, with the right side of her face no longer able to smile, Davis suggested.

"You can see her face has no strength; her teeth are rotting; these kids need help," Davis said.

In the middle, Vanessa Renzi, a poisoned worker, and Connie Davis, on the right, whose daughter is experiencing facial paralysis and tooth deterioration.

Carol Ward and Freya Koss went to this meeting because they know about mercury poisoning. Both of them have been poisoned by mercury from their dental fillings that contained the same kind of mercury the children at the Kiddie Kollege were exposed to. That is metallic mercury. Mercury in a therometer and mercury in tooth fillings are the same kind of mercury.

Both Carol and Freya had to research and seek out their own medical help when they were poisoned. Officials such as those with the CDC, EPA and FDA, and the Department of Health do not understand mercury toxicity like they should, and minimize it effects. Some doctors do not understand that blood testing is not valid in low level exposure with tooth fillings. They may not use a mercury chelator1 to pull mercury into the urine in cases of low level exposure and dismiss mercury toxicity outright. I have checked with Bernie Windham, President of DAMS, who is the scientific researcher for the DAMS organization. He said these children have HIGH LEVEL chronic exposure. In poisoning from tooth fillings, there is low level chronic exposure, except when the dentist drills out a filling the exposure level increases.

Parents of these poisoned children need to know that Julie Gerberding of the CDC has never admitted that mercury in vaccines causes any problems. So if these folks don't want to take the mercury out of vaccines, and the Department of Health is giving vaccines to children with mercury in them, how can the parents trust them to be experts on what has happened to their children? There is no such thing as a safe level of mercury exposure, I don't care how much officials say it is. Dr. Herbert Needleman proved there was no safe level of lead, and we are in the process of proving there is no safe level of mercury.

I am not saying these children shouldn't receive help from these agencies, if they offer testing and so forth, but don't accept their final opinion as the ultimate truth, because it isn't. If parents have a little voice down inside saying something is wrong here, they should listen to that little voice.

Acute exposure would be from a mercury spill and the poisoning occuring all at once. One man contacted me who was acutely poisoned from working in a mercury recycling plant in Wisconsin.

Dr. Boyd Haley, former Chairman of the Chemistry Department and mercury expert from the University of Kentucky says, "It is critical that all of the parents with children in this school have a urinary porphyrin profile done to determine if the children are mercury toxic." I emailed Dr. Boyd Haley about this test and this is his information that parents can pass on to their doctors.

Bernie Windham told me that the urine porphyrin tests in the US used to test for mercury, but after all these children were being harmed by mercury in their vaccines, the mercury component of the test started "disappearing" out of the tests done here in the US. Then parents had to send to Paris, France for this test. I suppose the accuracy of the urine porphyrin profile test didn't help the CDC mission to keep injecting kids with mercury containing vaccines.

Bernie said, "they removed the part of the test most indicative of mercury. But mercury still affects some of the porphyrins still in the test sometime, just not as definitively. I haven't checked the latest version of the test, or all labs' version of the test."

I read in news reports that some parents were very relieved their children had low levels of mercury. That does not mean they are safe. If these children are poor excretors of mercury, then they could be worse off than some of the children who show high levels. A nurse from Philadelphia, who is mercury poisoned from mercury in her hepatitis shots and her mercury dental fillings, told me she followed the story in the news, and heard a toxicologist from Duke University on the news talking like low scores meant the kids were safe. But this is just not so. Dr. Boyd Haley testified about how unreliable the urine testing is for people who are poor excretors at recent FDA hearings on dental amalgam. A urine test only measures how much mercury your body is able to excrete into the urine, not how much mercury is still left in the organs like the brain, kidneys and liver.

But if the children do a urinary porphyrin profile with a holistic doctor, that would be a good indicator of whether the children truly do not have any mercury.

According to news reports, the Department of Health acted as though the mercury levels will just come down on their own. No, it does not happen that way. These children need to be treated by holistic type doctors who know mercury poisoning. Many of these doctors are already treating children who are mercury poisoned from their vaccines and know how to use chelation therapy. Regular doctors will just leave the mercury in their bodies and "monitor" them.

Even if urine levels fall, that does not mean the mercury has been excreted from the children's bodies. Dr. Mark Geier explains in an article published in the peer reviewed Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons that the half life of mercury in the blood from thermerosol in vaccines is from 4 to 10 days. It is at that point (4 to 10 days) that half of the mercury has disappeared from the blood. However, this does not mean the mercury has exited the body, as government officials may claim. It means it has deposited itself into the organs of the body like the brain, kidneys, and liver. The same would apply to mercury in the urine testing, if the child is not chelating.

If a child is chelating with an agent that pulls mercury out of the body, then doctors can follow and see if the scores are getting lower. But when mercury just disappears into "thin air," and the doctor can't find it in the blood or urine, and the child has not had any mercury pulled out of his body with chelators, then this just means it has gone into hiding in the organs of the body.

If any of you are reading this article, please inform the parents that we who have been mercury poisoned from dental fillings have scientists to advise us, and we have had to learn this in order to survive. We found NO help in main stream medicine. The parents who found out their kids were poisoned from thimerosal in vaccines also had to seek out alternative health doctors and are now chelating their children to get heavy metals out of their bodies. These parents often go to DAN doctors. DAN stands for Defeat Autism Now.

There are holistic doctors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Carol Ward handed out a list of these doctors in a packet of materials to the parents at the meeting on Sunday.

If parents need to ask questions they should contact Freya Koss and Carol Ward. There are new products on the market that can be used to treat poisoned children.

Carol Ward
7426 Rhoads Street
Philadelphia, PA 19151
telephone 610-649-0465
EMail: carol_ward (at)

Freya Koss
telephone 610-649-2606
EMail: frekoss (at)

These children need to avoid all vaccines that contain thimerosal (like the flu vaccine), and all silver amalgam dental fillings. These so called "silver" fillings are actually 50% mercury and they are constantly leaking mercury into the body. They don't need any more mercury.

The lawyers in news reports are just quoting a few symptoms of mercury toxicity. Check out this page for a longer list of mercury poisoning symptoms.

One word of caution for the parents. These kids do not need high levels of mercury chelators. They need to work with holistic doctor who will very slowly remove this mercury from their kids' bodies.

Best wishes to you parents and your children. My heart goes out to you.

Marie Flowers, DAMS Coordinator
Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions
marieflow (at)

New Jersey Department of Health Report which shows how they tested.

One of the class action law suits brought in behalf of the Kiddie Kollege children.

See Carol Ward's Report from the Meeting with Kiddie Kollege Parents

See New York Times article, "After Mercury Pollutes a Day Care Center, Everyone Points Elsewhere"

1 Chelators are agents that bind to mercury and other heavy metals "like a claw" to pull or detox heavy metals out of the body. Chelators are used as challenging or provacative agents to force mercury to leave the bodies and excrete into the urine during a mercury challenge test. Chelators (key-la-tors) are used for both detoxification and for heavy metals testing.

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