Toxic Lady Has Reaction after Rabies Vaccine

Some Ophthalmic Eye Drops Contain Thimerosal

April 20, 2008

I received a phone call from a lady in New Jersey last week. She had just received 5 rabies vaccines and was now experiencing mercury toxicity symptoms. Her father, who was knowledgeable about these issues, researched her symptoms after she received the vaccines, and after doctors failed to diagnose what was wrong with her, her father told her he thought she was probably poisoned from the thimerosal in her rabies vaccines.

I checked the FDA website for the amount of thimerosal in the rabies vaccines, but found the amount was zero. But never the less, the lady said she felt much worse after taking the vaccines. She claims she saw the word thimerosal on the vaccine bottle, but people who have been poisoned are often confused. Or is it possible that there are rabies shots that do contain thimerosal and it is not listed on the FDA site? Or was there another component in the vaccine shot that contributed to her symptoms?

I continued to talk to the lady from New Jersey and found out she had been a dental assistant for two years so she was exposed to mercury throughout her dental school training and during the time she was in the dental office. I told her if she was poisoned from the mercury, she would need to remove her exposure from ALL sources of mercury in order to recover. I told her she would need to safely remove all the mercury from her teeth. She told me she only had four mercury fillings, so it would not be so difficult to remove four fillings compared with someone with a mouth of fillings.

When I asked her if she had crowns she said she had a mouthful of them. She told me the crowns had the little gray line around the base of the crown, so this means she has porcelain fused to metal crowns, which are very toxic, especially in a person who is mercury poisoned. (The base of the crown contains nickel, which many people are allergic to.) I told her it was a possibility that there were some mercury fillings left underneath the crowns. She did admit that previous to being affected by the rabies vaccines, she had been tasting metal in her mouth.

A metallic taste means she is experiencing oral galvanism from dissimilar metals in her mouth---caused by the nickel containing crowns possibly over top of mercury fillings. I explained that oral galvanism, or an electrical and chemical reaction between dissimilar metals, would pull mercury out of her mercury fillings causing a battery like effect in her mouth. I told her she was in the process of being poisoned when she was tasting the metal in her mouth. She said since she had taken the rabies vaccines her tongue was on fire and her mouth was burning. Dissimiliar metals cause "burning mouth syndrome." Evidentally something in the rabbies vaccine set her over the edge.

For information on the ingredients of each vaccine see

Note: I am not saying to not take rabies vaccines if one has been bitten by an animal. I just want to comment on the fact that a combination of events and the cumulative exposure to toxins will lead to an overload on the person's immune system and that is how one becomes sick.

The former dental assistant said she had at least one root canal. Poor lady! The longer I talked to her the worse she felt, and her knowledge of the scope of the toxic materials in her mouth kept increasing. I told her the root canal would contain gutta percha which would contain the heavy metal cadmium, and there was a possibility that the dentist placed an amalgam filling with 50% mercury over top of the root canaled tooth before he placed the porcelain fused to metal (nickel) crown over top of the entire tooth.

Even though she had been a dental assistant she knew nothing about oral galvanism. It is so stange talking to people who have trained in the dental profession, and tell them things about dentistry that they are not aware of. I am not even a good science student. I wasn't interested in the sciences in school, but was mainly interested in music and the arts. And here I am talking about science!

The American Dental Association web site discounts the harmful effects from oral galvanism. They just consider it an allergic reaction that some people have with metals. Until the dental school education of dentists and dental assistants represents reality instead of fairy tales, people will continue to be poisoned and have no idea what has happened to them.

For more information on oral galvanism see an article by Bernard Windham, Scientific Researcher for DAMS.

From what I have learned about the bio accumulative effects of mercury, I think the lady from New Jersey was an accident waiting to happen. She had the exposure to mercury from her dental school training and working in an unsafe dental office for two years. Her own dental work in her own mouth continued to contribute to her mercury exposure and when she received the five rabies vaccines containing other additives in a short period of time, her body was no longer able to excrete the mercury and she became poisoned.

Shingles, Opthalmic Eye Drops and Thimerosal

I am now recovering from a painful case of the shingles that I contacted while on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina the first week of April. The shingles affected my left eye and I was diagnosed with shingles by an ophthalmologist in Roanoke, Virginia. I have seen three doctors at the Vistar Eye Center in Roanoke, and most of my experiences with Vistar Eye doctors have shown that they are competent and caring.

However, on my initial visit to one Vistar Eye doctor in Roanoke the day after I returned from Charleston, the shingles were not yet completely manifested at this point, so the doctor treated me for conjunctivitis, or pink eye. I specifically told him I could not tolerate any eye drops with thimerosal since I had been mercury poisoned from my dental fillings in 2001. He checked his book in the hallway and guaranteed me that the drops did not contain thimerosal. My eye was swollen shut, so I trusted the doctor and did not look at the label on the bottle. Several days later, while preparing to see a cornea specialist at Vistar Eye Center, I checked the bottle to write down the name of the prescription. To my amazement, there is was on the bottle----THIMEROSAL!

I called the pharmacy to see if they had substituted my prescription for something else. They did say that they had substituted the generic (TRIFLURIDINE Ophthalmic Solution) for the original prescription of Viroptic Ophthalmic Solution, since the doctor had not disallowed the generic, but the pharmacist said the brand name prescription also contained thimerosal. I checked the brand name, Viroptic Ophthalmic Solution, on the internet, and there is was, THIMEROSAL.

It seems this doctor deliberately gave me a drug with thimerosal in it. I will be filing a complaint against him with the Vistar Eye Corporation.

So you can not be too safe. Even if the doctor says your prescription is thimerosal free, look at the label yourself, before you even have the prescription filled. If you are receiving a vaccine, look at the bottle yourself. Don't trust the nurse and don't trust the doctors' word. They are not concerned about this as they should be and probably don't think it is a very serious concern.

It seems medicine and dentistry have a love affair with mercury.

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