Do you have Mercury Poisoning?
Marie's story

In 2001 I suffered from a severe case of mercury poisoning due to the unsafe removal of a "silver" filling by my dentist. It was very difficult to find the cause of my sudden illness, because few health care professionals are aware of the symptoms. Now I dedicate part of my time to warning others about "silver" mercury amalgam dental fillings.

I hope my story will help you understand your CHOICE of dentists and materials they use in your body.-- Marie Flowers, a Virginia homemaker

"Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your souls prospers." III John 2

  • Introduction

    Breaking News in 2008

  • Government Concedes Vaccines Caused Autism

    ABC News Video Shows Neurologist's Child Damaged After Receiving 9 Vaccines in One Day

  • CNN Video Press Conference of Dr. and Mrs. Poling Concerning their Daughter's Autism

  • Mercury is Still in Vaccines See the FDA data

  • Too Many Vaccinations Destroy Brain Cells

    Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, says "excessive stimulation of the brainís immune system as a result of too many vaccinations can destroy mass quantities of brain cells and connections..."

  • Blaylock Report on Vaccinations

    Breaking News in 2007

    Small Smiles Dental Clinics Under Investigation for Abusing Children

    Children Given Unnecessary Toxic Nickel-Containing Crowns and Toxic Root Canals

    Text of video

    With a 2nd different video

    Profit Over Patient? Small Smiles Accused of Mistreating Children

    Comments from dentists, parents, and former workers in Small Smiles Clinics

    My Comments on the Small Smiles Dental Clinics Does your pediatric dentist use MERCURY dental fillings? Names of Pediatric dentists in Roanoke who use MERCURY.

    Listen to Radio online--- with Deborah Ray and her guests
  • Interview with Robert Kulacz, DDS. Dental Health. Food and nutrients for dental health.

  • Interview: Metals in Your Mouth with Dr. Robert Kulacz, DDS

    60 Minutes Video from 1990, Is There a Poison in Your Mouth?

    Dr. Heber Simmons from the ADA says, "It's not gonna cause a problem." The old dinasours in the ADA will
    go to their graves repeating their ADA propaganda.

  • 60 Minutes Exposé on Mercury Fillings Text and information about the 60 Minutes Video

  • Dental Mercury Poisoning: One of the Few Ecological Poisons the Individual Can Do Something About by Dr. Alfred V. Zamm featured on the 60 Minutes video

  • MS Exacerbations Stop with Safe Amalgam Removal by Linda Brocato, Illinois DAMS Coordinator

    Festus says, "A vaccine a day keeps the profits okay."

  • Safer Ways to Prevent the Flu

  • Most flu shots contain mercury, but few know it Article appeared in Milwakee Journal Sentinel
  • Debate over mercury in teeth and flu shots as reported in the Seattle Post Intellenger

  • Dr. Boyd Haley talks about mercury in dental fillings and vaccines with Internet Radio Host Stan Kurtz of "From the Children's Corner School."

    Treatments for mercury poisoning and associated chronic illness can be found on Stan Kurtz's site at

    Dr. Boyd Haley, Chemistry Professor, University of Kentucky
    internationally known scientist on mercury

    "Dentists are giving people neurological diseases everyday."---Dr. Boyd Haley

  • Wisconsin Filtering Mercury Out of Dental Waste but what about the mercury in people's mouths? Great picture of mercury caught in amalgam separator

  • The American Dental Association Reverses its Position on Mercury Separators by Charlie Brown. Poor can't afford dental work.
  • Mercury Spill from a Dentist's Office Closes a Preschool in Middletown, Ohio This could have been prevented with a mercury separator
  • ADA Calls for a "Scientifically Accurate" Patient Brochure About Dental Materials

    Townsend Letter for Patients and Doctors Features Mercury Toxicity in June 2007 Issue
  • Chronic Mercury Poisoning and Mercury Detoxification by Dr. Tom McGuire, DDS
  • Reverend Kenneth Copeland and Dr. Don Colbert Talk About Mercury Fillings and Vaccines Watch the TV show online!
    Gloria and Kenneth Copeland Dr. Don Colbert

    Support for the Mercury Poisoned
  • DAMS Coordinators and Activists in VA
  • Finding a Doctor and Dentist When You are Mercury Poisoned
  • A Disturbing Visit to My Nurse Practitioner by guest writer Linda Foster, trying to find medical care when poisoned. . . NEW
  • Biological Dentists in Virginia and North Carolina
  • Great Web Sites of Mercury Free Dentists
  • Protocol for the Safe Removal of Mercury
  • So You Really Want a Root Canal? by guest writer Melanie Yarbrough, & video presentation by Dr. Mercola
  • Testing for Mercury
  • Testing for Mercury with the Urine Porphyrin Test
  • Biocompatibility Testing of Dental Materials Don't jump from frying pan into the fire. Take this test before amalgam removal.
  • Different Types of Dental Restorations
  • DAMS Recommended List of Books and Videos on Mercury Amalgams,
    Root Canals, Detoxification

  • Join Groups for Information Concerning Mercury and Heavy Metals Toxicity

    Breaking News in 2006

      Kiddie Kollege Day Care Poisoning in New Jersey

  • Children Mercury Poisoned at Site of Old Mercury Thermometer Factory
  • Carol Ward and Freya Koss Seek to Help Poisoned Children from Kiddie Kollege Day Care
  • New Jersey Toxic Cleanup Program Exposed as a Toothless Tiger
  • New Jersey Agency Sat on Secret List of 6,000 Toxic Danger Sites
  • Latest News on Kiddie Kollege Day Care

    FDA Hearings on Mercury Dental Fillings
  • 25 Member Advisory Panel Rejects FDA Safety Report on Mercury Dental Fillings! Mercury Poisoned People Testify at FDA hearings. See their pictures. Read their testimonies. Some Panel Members say, "Stop using mercury dental fillings in pregnant women and children."
  • You can now read the Comments to the FDA about poisoning from amalgam fillings as the FDA posts them. They are very slow!
  • The Beginning of the End of Mercury in Dentistry by Congresswoman Diane Watson
  • Over 2,000 Flood FDA with Reports of Illness from Mercury Dental Fillings, but FDA still claims problems are "rare." Read the comments here.
  • Children Used as Human Experiments with Mercury Dental Fillings in The Children's Amalgam Trials

  • The CDC Finally Admits Autism is a Greater Danger to Your Children by Dr. Mercola. Incidence is now 1 in 150, up from 1 in 166.
  • The CDC, Vaccines and Autism Dr. Paul Offit, propaganda machine for vaccines' "safety," claims thimerosal should never have been removed from vaccines. Anne Dachel says, "What the news networks don't tell us is that maybe all these endless population studies are damage control--a desperate attempt, after the fact, to disprove a scientific fact: Mercury is the second deadliest element on Earth and a known neurotoxin." Also see Why are They Afraid to Look?

  • County Woman Crusades Against Mercury in Dental Fillings
    My Story in the Bedford Bulletin, November 22, 2006

    Let Tom Wilmoth know if you appreciate his article in the Bedford Bulletin. Tell him if you live in Bedford County or surrounding areas.
    email Tom at

  • See the tee shirt close up.

    More Mercury Stories from the Bedford Bulletin below.

  • Mouthful of Mercury Sparks Activist's Fight,
    My Story in The Roanoke Times
    , September 20, 2006

    Josh Meltzer, photographer; Jen McCaffery, feature writer

    See larger image.
    Correction for the Roanoke Times article- We did not picket the General Assembly. DAMS leaders in Virginia tried to get an informed consent law about dental mercury passed by the General Assembly.

  • Marie's Story of Mercury Poisoning the original long version of my story with important links.
  • My Long Road to Becoming Mercury Poisoned
  • People Just Love Their Dentists!
  • The Burning Brain, Its Cause and Cure?

  • 3 Ways to Be Mercury Poisoned from "Silver" Fillings
  • Should I Remove My Amalgam Fillings?
  • Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Toxicity

    The Dental Amalgam Issue--"It's a Snake Pit of Deception."
  • Dentists are Disciplined & Gagged for Warning Patients About Mercury Fillings.

    (Left) Smoking Tooth Video of Mercury Escaping from Old
    Mercury Filling by Dr. David Kennedy, DDS of the International
    Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

  • Text of video in PDF format.
  • David Kennedy, DDS website and blogspot.
  • Biological Dentists are Cautious in Advertising About Mercury Fillings
  • Our Preferred Poison Speaking of Mercury, of course. Discover Magazine Article
  • Mercury on the Mind by Donald W. Miller, Jr. M.D.

    More Mercury Stories from the Bedford Bulletin

  • The Bedford Bulletin is Hot with Information on Mercury Dental Fillings! This is the second in a series of article on mercury dental fillings presented in the Bedford Bulletin on December 13, 2006. Let Tom Wilmoth know you appreciate the coverage.

  • Lynchburg dentist supports use of amalgam fillings Dr. Michael Davis in Lynchburg "discounts" testimonies such as mine who say we are poisoned. When did a dentist's ideas take preference over a medical doctor's diagnois that I was suffering from "heavy metal toxicity?"

  • Congresswoman Watson claims use is dangerous Congresswoman Diane E. Watson (D-Calif.) sees the ruling by a U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel, that did not accept a paper that claimed the use of mercury in amalgam fillings was safe, as "the beginning of the end" of mercury fillings.

  • Bedford Bulletin Editorials

    Tom Wilmont wrote in the December 27, 2006 issue of the Bedford Bulletin, "This is the third installment of stories in a series looking at the debate surrounding the use of dental amalgam fillings."

    Pictured on the right: Charlie Brown, general counsel of Consumers for Dental Choice and Linda Brocato, a woman near Chicago who was mercury poisoned from her dental fillings. She now has MS.

  • The Bedford Bulletin Looks at the Debate Surrounding the Use of Dental Amalgam Fillings A close up view of the front page.

  • The Next Step After hearings raised questions on its paper, opponents say the FDA now has to choose the next step. Tom Wilmonth interviews Charlie Brown and Dr. Boyd Haley.

  • Mercury Free A Growing number of dentists choose not to use dental amalgam, including Dr. Frederick Smith, a biological mercury free dentist in Lynchburg, Virginia. Dr. Smith is a member of The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, a group of mercury free dentists, alternative health doctors and scientists who research the effects of toxic materials in dentistry. They strive to use materials that are bio compatible with the body. The IAOMT has developed a protocol to use while drilling out mercury fillings that will minimize the patient's exposure to mercury vapor.

    You can read Dr. Frederick Smith's editorial to the Bedford Bulletin.

  • Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings protocol developed by the IAOMT. Story with pictures


    Pediatric dentists and most of the Roanoke dentists are still not mercury free. Old fashioned dentists are still putting mercury in children's teeth. If fillings are silver or grey colored they are 50% MERCURY! Dentists' offices may tell you their amalgam (silver) fillings do not contain mercury. Amalgam means "mixed with mercury." Don't be fooled! There are mercury free dentists in Roanoke who will take children.

    Another Chance to be Poisoned...
    Getting a Flu Shot with Mercury (Thimerosal) in it

    To not exceed EPA "safe" levels of mercury in the flu shot you would have to weigh 550 pounds.

    Flu Vaccines and Mercury

  • How Do You Spell Fear? FLU Goverment Agencies--Lying to you about Vaccine Safety. FDA Claims flu shots safe, even with mercury!

    How to Make Your Own Flu Shot

  • Flu Vaccines, What you need to know...You want to do everything right for your child. Brochure from Safe Minds
  • Registered Dietitian Mercury Poisoned by Seafood, Amalgams and Flu Vaccine Chuck Balzer's Story, flu shot did him in
  • Help the Environment, Get a Flu Shot by David Kirby
  • What the "Experts" are Not Telling You About the Flu Vaccine

  • Do a Google Search for news articles warning against mercury in flu vaccines

    More on Mercury Dental Fillings....
  • Bill to Abolish Mercury Fillings Reintroduced in Congress
  • Congressional Briefing on Mercury Dental Fillings on March 9, 2006
  • Mercury Crazed Man Poisons Boss with Mercury He used mercury as "experimental remedy" for cancer
  • Connecticut Dentist Can Now Criticize Mercury Dental Fillings
  • Dr. Boyd Haley Exposes the Phony Science on Amalgam "Safety"
  • What's Wrong with the October 2003 NEJM Article on Mercury?
  • DAMS Leaders Picket the Virginia Dental Association Annual Meeting We picketed the dental meeting in Norfolk.
  • Charisma Magazine Features Article "Metal in Your Mouth" Article by Christian doctor, Don Colbert

    Other Mercury Poisoning Stories
  • Amalgam Toxicity Case History by Carol Ward, Vice President of DAMS
  • Janie's Story Lady is 90% Recovered from MS
  • A Nurse is Mercury Poisoned from Hepatitis B Vaccines and Amalgams
  • Reports of Mercury Poisoning Symptoms in Roanoke and Beyond
  • Registered Dietitian Mercury Poisoned by Seafood, Amalgams and Flu Vaccine
  • MS Exacerbations Stop with Safe Amalgam Removal by Linda Brocato, IL DAMS Coordinator
  • Amalgam Removal Ends Colitis for Virginia College Instructor
  • Healed of MS by the Power of God Personal healing story by Debra D. Kaiser
  • Karen Burns, Former Dental Assistant, Wants Her Mercury Poisoned Story Told in the Asbury Park Press

    DAMS web site

    Miscellaneous Articles, Not Related to Mercury

  • A Marine's Story on Hill 881 South Story of my husband's miraculous survival in Vietnam

    Electromagnetic Waves, Cell Phones and Mercury Poisoning
  • The Deadly Dangers of Mercury and Electromagnetic Fields Cell phone dangers. Debbie Bevel's story-electromagnetic field from her cell phone helped to vaporize her mercury fillings.
  • Radiation from Cellular Tower Melts Mercury Fillings in German Woman
  • The Menace of Cell Phone Towers by Carol Ward, Vice President of DAMS

    Mercury Articles in the Media
  • Mercury Amalgam Toxicity: Your next visit to the dentist may not be as innocent as you think. by LE Magazine
  • Marie's Mercury Story Featured in Boulder Weekly's "Mercury Rising" Article (My story facts were not exactly correct.)

    Nutrition, Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • How Modern Medicine Killed by Brother by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
  • Protection from Fluoride and Mercury Toxicity by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

    What's Happening in Virginia
  • A Bill for Informed Consent for Mercury Dental Fillings
  • The State of Dentistry in Virginia
  • Dentist the Menace, the Uncontrolled Release of Dental Mercury A Report issued by Michael Bender in 2002 is coming home to roost in Bedford and Campbell Counties as we contend with mercury laden sludge

    Federal Legislation "Mercury in Dental Fillings Disclosure and Prohibition Act"
  • A Call to Action, Let Us Ban Mercury Dental Fillings!

    Congressional Hearings on Mercury -"Consumer Choice and Implementing Full Disclosure"
    May 8, 2003

  • Congressman Dan Burton's Statement
  • Why Mercury from Dental Amalgams, Vaccines and Diet Should Be Eliminated as Much as Possible by Dr. Boyd Haley
  • Mercury Toxicity from Dental Amalgams and Thimerosal by Dr. Boyd Haley
  • Mercury in Dental-Filling Materials--An Updated Risk Analysis in Environmental Medical Terms by Dr. Maths Berlin
  • The Testimony of Sandy Duffy Portland Attorney Challenges the "Gag Order"
  • Testimony of Congressman Michael H. Michaud Stopped Dental Deception in Maine
  • Statement of Emmitt H. Carlton, Jr. of Virginia's NAACP Concerning Dental Mercury

  • Dental Amalgam "Safe," Patient Choice "Encouraged" by the ADA Spokesman,
    (VA dentist fined by VA Board of Dentistry for warning about mercury fillings)

  • Dr. Richard Fischer Reviews the May 8th Hearings by VA's Own Biological Dentist

  • Don't Blame God!
  • Why Did All of This Happen to Me?

    Facts About the American Dental Association
  • The Epitome of Ignorance and Arrogance
  • The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology Exposes the Deceptions of the ADA

    From the Mount Rogers Clinic
  • Much Ado About Cholesterol by Dr. Eduardo Castro--Patient Alert on Statin Drugs

    Emails and Comments
  • Emails from the Mercury Poisoned

    Neurological Diseases and Heavy Metals
  • Alzheimer's Vaccine Cause Life Threatening Side Effects by Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • New Research Connects Mercury to Alzheimer's Disease
  • A Neurosurgeon Speaks Out Against Dental Mercury 700 Club Interview
  • Alternative Treatments for Neurological Diseases
  • The Mercury Connection and Seizures by Bernard Windham
  • The Burning Brain, Its Cause and Cure?
  • An Update of My Condition

    Childhood Vaccines, Autism and Mercury

  • Childhood Vaccines Linked to Autism and Heart Disease
  • Autism, Vaccine Link Considered May 6, 2003 UPI Article
  • The True Story of Petussis Vacination: A Sordid Legacy? by Dr. David Geier and Dr. Mark Geier
  • Autism- Recovered
  • Suffolk Co (NY) HHS Meeting on Thimerosal See the video.

    More video links on my links page.

    Moms Against Mercury in North Carolina Put Up Vaccine Mercury Billboards

    The Mercury Fight in Arizona and Oregon
  • Dental Associations are Not Protecting Citizens
  • Oregonian Activists are Concerned About Mercury in Poor Children

  • Health Canada Position Statement on Dental Amalgam
  • Mercury in the News Help Ban Mercury Fillings!
    Mercury Exposure of Dentists and Dental Personnel
  • Mercury Exposure of Dentists and Assistants by Bernard Windham, Pres. of DAMS

  • What the "Experts" are Not Telling You About Fluoride

    Featuring Guest Writers on Their Websites
  • Lyn Rennick's Mercury Poisoning Story from London, England
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Chronic Mercury Poisoning? by Jeff Clark

  • My Favorite Links

    Where to Get DMSA and Natural Hormones in Roanoke

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    If you would like information and referrals for a biological dentists, please contact the mercury education group DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) for an information packet and dentist referrals at 1-800-311-6265. The main web site for DAMS is

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