DAMS Coordinators and Activists in VA

Linda Cifelli, RN
Williamsburg, VA

Marie Gray Flowers, BS Ed.,
Coordinator, author of this web site
Vinton, VA 24179 (near Roanoke)
E-Mail: marieflow (at) aol.com

(When emailing, please give your city and state for a better response.)

Rob Sherwood is an Activist for DAMS but refers dental and medical questions to Leo Cashman, Executive Director of DAMS.

Rob Sherwood, Activist

Also available to counsel about mercury from out of state:

Carol Ward, Coordinator, Vice President of DAMS
Philadelphia, PA
EMail: carol_ward@verizon.net

Leo Cashman, Executive Director of DAMS
1043 Grand Ave, #317
St. Paul, MN 55105
Phone 1-651-644-4572 (for information packets, book orders, talk)

Leo is a wonderful source of information. Read the information packet first and then call back with questions. He is conservative in his approach to detoxification. Please don't get into a fast tract, heavy duty detox program, with big doses of detox agents because you could become sicker. Take it slow and easy. Lots of doctors go too fast and use too high of a dose of the detox agent. You need to adjust the detox program to suit YOUR body.


We Coordinators and Activists have all been mercury poisoned from mercury dental fillings. We can discuss your dental situation with you and try to refer you to medical and dental help if you have been poisoned. If you want to prevent becoming poisoned from mercury in dental products, we can help you prevent toxicity. Coordinators have been with DAMS longer and are possibly more experienced in the science of mercury toxicity than the Activist.

The first thing you need to do is to order an information packet from DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions.)

Tax exempt: DAMS, Intl is a 501C3 tax exempt nonprofit group that educates the public on non-toxic dentistry and how to recover from the effects of toxic dentistry. Contributions are tax deductible. They are always welcome.

Info Packet: For introductory information on these issues plus a list of practitioners in your state or province, please request our information packet by calling or writing to this phone number or address.

Contact: DAMS, Intl.
1043 Grand Ave., #317
St Paul MN 55105

Phone: 651-644-4572

Contributions of $5 to $10 are suggested to help cover the packet costs. No one is denied the basic information packet because of a lack of funds.

Subscriptions to the newsletter Dental Truth are part of membership in DAMS, Intl. It is published several times a year. Membershipis on a sliding scale: $25 per year or $15 per year if that is more affordable. Send checks or credit card information to DAMS office.

DAMS, Intl. provides only general educational information and consumers should consult a knowledgeable dentist, doctor or other health care professional for advice on specific personal problems.

Please study and get yourself educated on how to safely remove fillings, how to do a safe detox protocol. The more you know the safer you will be. If you can't think clearly because of the mercury, find a friend or family member who will walk with you through this process and help you do the research.

Please take you child to a mercury free dentist.

Say "No" to Silver Amalgam Detal Fillings.

They are 50% Mercury!


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